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Strip Club St. Louis

Strip Club St. Louis Which is the classiest strip club St Louis? Actually, it's not in St Louis at all. The Penthouse Club at 1401 Mississippi Avenue in Sauget, Illinois is the finest titty bar in the whole Missouri-Illinois region. Come see the girls, sip a top shelf drink and enjoy a great cigar.

What sort of fellow frequents a strip club St Louis? It rather depends on the club. Saint Louis is home to a few less than savory strip bars where you might not want to be seen. You can't blame a girl for wanting to make a living with what mother nature gave her, but you can choose to visit a classier joint just by making the short drive across the river to 1401 Mississippi Street in Sauget, Illinois. At Penthouse, we have more than one hundred lovely ladies ready and willing to do a very exotic dance for your pleasure. VIP members are invited to relax in one of our three super private rooms with the dancer of your choosing. Of course, we are an above board club and nothing illegal ever happens here. Just so we're clear on that little fact, and you can have anything you like at Penthouse strip club.

St Louis is not the most exciting coty in the world. People live here for all sorts of good reasons, but none of them involve the stunning nightlife available in this little Missouri town. You might be surprised at how much the fun increases when you make the short drive to Sauget. The greatest strip club St Louis is not in St Louis at all. In North America, find Penthouse gentlemens clubs in Detroit, Michigan, Houston, Texas, Mexico City, Mexico, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, New Orleans, Louisiana, Niagara Falls, Canada, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tampa, Florida, and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Strip Club St. Louis
The Penthouse Club St. Louis
1401 Mississippi Ave‎ East St Louis, IL 62201

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Strip Club St. Louis